Specialist Close Personal Protection Life Skills

Many people know the term bodyguard and think a bodyguard is some big lump protecting a popstar on stage. The trained close personal protection specialist tradecraft is considerably less common knowledge.

The Todd Group have a 90-year history of instructing military close quarters combat (CQC), military self- defence (MSD), and close personal protection (CPP), dating back to our founder, the late Harry Baldock. We have been conducting CPP training for decades and our courses attract individuals from wide-ranging backgrounds.

We have trained royal family close protection teams and get numbers of armed forces and law-enforcement personnel taking our CPP courses. The courses are different to our CQC/MSD courses where threat neutralisation by combat or counter measures is more likely than anti-encounter measurers.

Specialist close personal protection is about planning, preparation, and practice of tactics and skills to reduce risk to the lowest level possible, and as such, avoid threats over having to counter them. If compromised, the tactics and skills are to maximise the protection of protectees and extract them from the danger area to safety.

Military close protection courses can run for several months, but civilians generally cannot undertake courses of such durations combined with the course fee being unaffordable for most. The Todd Group conduct small group specialist CPP courses over two weeks duration where attendees learn specialist close personal protection tradecraft practices.

Many people that take the courses nowadays do so to upskill, not to work in the close protection field as an operator, but more to increase their own safety and that of their staff, family, and friends.

CPP training provides wide-ranging skills to increase safety and security for your home, workplace, travel, recreational, and social life. These are skills that that arm you with high-level specialist knowledge that can be the difference between facing a life-threatening situation and not having to by making sure you are protected against it by anti-encounter tactics and skills.

We have trained males and females that have made careers out of close protection or worked lucrative contracts, but more often today, in these times of terrorism and crime, such as kidnapping, applicants are looking at theirs and their loved ones’ safety and protection over working as a close protection specialist.

The course is deemed a basic specialist CPP course of instruction only because of the duration. There are a lot of lectures and note taking initially, followed by getting out and conducting advances, threat assessments, and security surveys. This is followed by compiling operation orders to be used on land, rail, and sea training exercises.

While the course does not have the combative physicality of CQC/MSD there are a lot of lectures, practical tactics and skills training, and long hours of commitment required, working as a team doing advances for the training exercises and putting together the operation orders combined with undertaking the training exercises.

We conduct our close personal protection courses in Thailand, our hub international country, so exponents can get the experience of training and exercising in a different country and different environment.

For the security-conscious type wanting to arm themselves with knowledge, these courses provide primary protective life skills.

Close Personal Protection (Bodyguard) Training

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The Todd Group, established by the late Harry Baldock, have been providing CQC, CQB, unarmed combat, defensive tactics, and self protection training since 1927.

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