CQC Tips

The dangers of single-leg wide-stance evasion

Evading an aggressor with a single-boot evasion will leave one leg on the confrontation line. It will also reduce follow up post-evasion expedient movement by leaving you in a wide stance and as such provide expanded target mass for your enemy. Using a single, long-leg evasion against an aggressor armed with a medium to long […]

Weapon redirecting for military self-defence CQC battlefield dagger disarming

In an evasive dagger disarming skill employment if the weapon holding hand has been seized and secured the following increases disarming chances and increases safety. Employing an opposing-forces grip of the weapon holding wrist joint and hand. The first grip should be an over hand grip to reduce the likelihood of your enemy breaking your […]

Military Battlefield Dagger Disarming Primary Tradecraft Practice

The above is but one military self-defence battlefield dagger disarming tradecraft primary practice The late Col Rex Applegate, a leading instructor to the OSS in WWII, gave me a set of tradecraft primary practices for battlefield dagger disarming that went like this: Option 1: If he has brought a knife to a gun battle, shoot […]


In response to many requests, the Todd Group will be providing self-minder specialist short courses starting 2018. Avoiding dangers, such as unattended baggage and reporting it, as well as tactics and skills to prevent being a victim of wide ranging criminal threats, including how to identify you are being targeted, will be included in these […]

Overkill CQC mentality for the battlefield

Continuous enemy eye gouging to interfere with enemy combative capability In any situation under threat or assault up against a formidable aggressor when offensive combat actions or counteroffensive actions are the best means of threat neutralisation the following military CQC/MSD principles apply. Make range, ruthless controlled aggressive continuous target destruction, and high level mental toughness […]

The dangers of those both sane and insane with bad intentions

Those that know how to be brutally effective in street fighting or on the battlefield in do-or-die situations do so by being mentally committed and driven in the objective of using ruthlessly controlled simple gross motor skills violence to neutralise their adversary in the quickest and most brutal manner possible. They choose such methods because […]

Wrestling for children’s self-protection and self-confidence

Often, parents look for training for their young, primary school age children to make them safer or grow in confidence as a result of being bullied. While the physical threats may not be life-threatening to children of primary school age from other primary school children, the effects of being bullied can cause distress, anxiety, and […]

Sharp Shock Impact Contact

Forward outside impact compression Side impact compression Enemy decentralisation manipulation and extraction and the employment of tactical control and restraint is enhanced by tactical edges and advantages. Knowing how to interfere with an aggressor’s visual and mental focus enhances the employment of CQC actions by slowing down the enemies expedient action and even causing stalling. The […]

The dangers of suicidal static blocking against sharp edged weapons

Why would any instructor or student with practical knowledge of knife attacks teach or practice techniques that are nothing short of suicidal in regards to disarming sharp edged weapons for self-defence. Blocking an enemy armed with an edged weapon forearm to forearm does not take into account that any formidable adversary will retract the thrusting […]

Skill Plus Strategy

In the perfect world, single skill would be all that would be needed to neutralise a formidable foe. But this is far from reality. The reality is when up against a formidable foe in a violent actions on encounter, you will require every tactic to set up and support your skills employment to deal with Murphy’s […]