Thailand Introductory DT CQC MSD Short Courses July 2017

The Todd Group conducted two introductory short courses in Thailand one before and the second after our two Germany short courses in July.

This was combined with non-public training and training courses, meetings and advances for courses set down for the last half of 2017 and first half of 2018.

The first short course Bangkok July 16 was a defensive tactics course introducing security and Law-

Enforcement tactics and skills.

Introduction to Defensive Tactics control and restraint.

Some of the most current primary detainee handling practices were included in this short introductory course program along with defensive tactics and self- protection skills.

The short courses were part of our upcoming strategic plan of increasing our footprint in Thailand our hub country for Southeast Asia and international specialist courses of instruction.

This is my 26 year of CQC and MSD involvement in the Kingdom of Thailand and we have even more scheduled private and public.

Outside of our military CQC and Military Self-Defence intensive courses for both civilians and military groups we have Specialist Close Personal Protection courses, defensive tactics courses and D-WAR (declare war against rape) courses of instruction.

Our in country personnel and facilitators are doing excellent work with securing new clients recruiting and facilitating our courses.

Thailand enthusiasts of military close quarters combat and military self- defence are getting more knowledgeable as to what CQC/MSD is and identifying courses that deliver genuine European military CQC courses of instruction delivered by military highly qualified instructors from the rest.

It was interesting listening to comment from attendees that had been previously disappointed with attending courses they thought were European military close quarter’s combat that turned out to be hybridised martial arts.

The serious enthusiasts really know what to look for now, what to expect in training and look for in instructor proof of qualifications and they won’t settle for anything less which is pleasing.

We get a lot of questions about the origins of European military CQC and on how military instructors get qualified and what military instructors should have to prove military CQC/MSD qualification.

There is a considerable amount of time put into CQC education including passing historical information on both the evolution and the most current CQC tactics and skills.

This is pleasing as the exponents on course by majority are more knowledgeable committed responsible and reliable and stand the best chances of testing and moving up through the ranks.

Todd Group ethos of all exponents having to undertake mandatory training courses and all phase testing candidates having to surpass the set high standards to achieve rank and promotion is the key to future proofing exported courses training provision and in country continuation training.

One trained tested and qualified instructor is worth all those that aren’t as they have proven their skills competency mental toughness and commitment to their CQC.

Having both a Thai civilian and Thai military elite forces operator volunteer and pass testing is testament as setting and maintaining of the highest possible CQC standards and the candidates having the smarts intestinal fortitude and commitment required to achieve.

After returning from conducting both CQC and MSD introductory course in Berlin and a defensive tactics introductory short course in Hannover I conducted an introduction to CQC and MSD Short course in Bangkok.

Unarmed offensive assault introductory training

This course was part of our operation education spreading the word on what European military CQC and European military MSD is all about.

Conducting the small group short introductory courses is a major part of our strategic promotion and recruitment plan.

Having such a long history of involvement in combative and self- defence training in Thailand has meant I have met many good people that assist me with my work.

Some very good military and police personnel have been great advocates for my training provision and have facilitated courses and assisted with recruiting by referral.

You can’t get better than word-of-mouth recruiting from respected military and police personnel.

The objective of this second short course was to provide instruction and practice in primary tactics and skills from phase 1 basic modules.

Delivering instruction in order of effectiveness and to neutralise common faced urban violence threats ensured attendees were exposed to beneficial self- protection.

From stamp kicks to close range unarmed offensive assault striking combinations, prevention of seizure and escaping being secured in holds as well as non-ballistic weapons disarming, the major primary methods of such threats neutralisation were delivered.

Ambush phase knife disarming training.

We have a full schedule of courses for Thailand our international hub country set down for the remainder of this year and throughout next year.

Our associates staff and facilitators on the ground in country work tirelessly at assisting us with conducting of scheduled courses and the establishment of new courses in country.

Edged weapon disarming training under actions on entry.

Evasive disarming training.

We are the only European CQC military training providers with instructor qualifications from the WWII Allied military master-Chief instructors of European CQC and that are also current military elite forces CQC training providers.

Conducting combined military groups with our civilian exponents on extensive live in courses provides the opportunity to live CQC/MSD on course the military way.

We are getting more and more inquiries for contract courses provision in Thailand from clients requiring their staff to be close protection trained through tourist groups wanting military unarmed combat and military self-defence training.

We have planned courses through requests in several other South East Asian countries this year and next year.

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Article written by Todd Group

The Todd Group, established by the late Harry Baldock, have been providing CQC, CQB, unarmed combat, defensive tactics, and self protection training since 1927.

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