Thailand Final CQC Course 2017

Thailand Final CQC Course 2017

Todd Group exported courses are about providing the opportunity for interested individuals to undergo Todd Systems European military close quarters combat (CQC) and military self-defence (MSD) training on a week-long course of instruction.

The importance of sudden aggressive shock overkill actions for CQC and MSD

Whether it be close quarters combat on the battlefield or military self-defence under battlefield or urban operators conditions, European military CQC/MSD sudden aggressive overkill shock action tradecraft practices provide the safest and best means of threat neutralisation. Using covert or deceptive/distractive set up military CQC/MSD sudden aggressive shock action over kill threat neutralisation is a […]

The dangers of single-leg wide-stance evasion

Evading an aggressor with a single-boot evasion will leave one leg on the confrontation line. It will also reduce follow up post-evasion expedient movement by leaving you in a wide stance and as such provide expanded target mass for your enemy. Using a single, long-leg evasion against an aggressor armed with a medium to long […]

Weapon redirecting for military self-defence CQC battlefield dagger disarming

In an evasive dagger disarming skill employment if the weapon holding hand has been seized and secured the following increases disarming chances and increases safety. Employing an opposing-forces grip of the weapon holding wrist joint and hand. The first grip should be an over hand grip to reduce the likelihood of your enemy breaking your […]