Leading the Way in European Military CQC and MSD

Leading the Way in European Military CQC and MSD

Many New Zealand martial artists and fighters look to overseas and to traditional fighting arts and combat sports for their knowledge and training. When it comes to military self-defence and military unarmed combat, serious realists look to the Todd Group.

CQC/MSD South Africa October 2016

Military CQC (Close Quarters Combat) MSD (Military Self-Defence) DT (Defensive Tactics) South Africa 2016. The Todd Group have established regular training provision in Africa for CQC proponents and Rangers and Law-enforcement over recent years. Having a military CQC connection with the late Captain Ben Mangels a former instructor to the South African military and police […]

Specialist Close Personal Protection Course Thailand 2016

Ending my latest circuit of courses of instruction internationally was the 2016 October 17 to November 29 Specialist Close Personal Protection Basic Course of Instruction in Thailand. These small group specialist courses are designed to provide attendees training and practical experience in all the required tactics and skills to work on a close protection detail. […]

Combating a Kick with a Stamp Kick

Neutralising kicks in CQC by the primary means of evasive counter engagement threat neutralisation is the primary method of such threat neutralisation and the safest option. In emergency or specific situations where evasion is not possible or practical, kicks are combated by attacking the attacker combating the enemy’s stationary or kicking leg, whichever is closest or […]

Todd Group CQC Courses

The Todd Group are offering the following national and international close quarters combat training courses: Clubs, businesses, corporate group self-defence, D-WAR (Declare War Against Rape anti and counter rape short courses), defensive tactics, tactical control and restraint, crowd control company courses. Enquiries:[email protected] For more information, visit the Todd Group website. The Todd Group provide military […]