First Responders' Tactical Training

First responders’ tactical clinical primary practices training

The Todd Group provide clinical tactical consultancy and training for hospital security, first responders, and forensic requirements.

Thailand Introductory DT CQC MSD Short Courses July 2017

The Todd Group conducted two introductory short courses in Thailand one before and the second after our two Germany short courses in July. This was combined with non-public training and training courses, meetings and advances for courses set down for the last half of 2017 and first half of 2018. The first short course Bangkok […]

Specialist Close Personal Protection Life Skills

Many people know the term bodyguard and think a bodyguard is some big lump protecting a popstar on stage. The trained close personal protection specialist tradecraft is considerably less common knowledge. The Todd Group have a 90-year history of instructing military close quarters combat (CQC), military self- defence (MSD), and close personal protection (CPP), dating […]

Sharp Shock Impact Contact

Forward outside impact compression Side impact compression Enemy decentralisation manipulation and extraction and the employment of tactical control and restraint is enhanced by tactical edges and advantages. Knowing how to interfere with an aggressor’s visual and mental focus enhances the employment of CQC actions by slowing down the enemies expedient action and even causing stalling. The […]

The dangers of suicidal static blocking against sharp edged weapons

Why would any instructor or student with practical knowledge of knife attacks teach or practice techniques that are nothing short of suicidal in regards to disarming sharp edged weapons for self-defence. Blocking an enemy armed with an edged weapon forearm to forearm does not take into account that any formidable adversary will retract the thrusting […]