European Military CQC

European Military Close Quarters Combat Trade Crafts Not Civilian Self-Defence

This article is based on and applies to European military CQC and European military self–defence. The Todd systems of European military close quarter’s combat and European military self- defence are military tradecraft practices that are roles specific.

The execution of stamp kicks

I get a lot of questions in relation to the execution of stamp kicks and the following is some of the reasoning behind the employment of military leg stamp and oblique stamp kicks. Military stamp kicks target the knee joint or immediately below the knee joint on the shin primarily to hyperextend the leg or […]

Majority procrastinators, minority proponents

I look at the copious amount of emails and signups on my Todd Group general email list and notice that by majority most never commit to accepting the combative challenge of undertaking an intensive course of instruction. I understand that many are interested in the subject in a theory capacity only, but others claim practical capability, […]

Civilian Publications

I get a lot of questions about civilian publications, especially of yesteryear, on military unarmed combat. I have trained and instructor qualified under several World War II army CQC instructors and the following is based on my hands-on experience. Most of the publications include individual skills, often primary skills, but not the full instruction in […]

Annual Australasian CQC Course 2015

Brain to Boot psychological enhancement familiarisation exercises. The 2015 Todd group Australasian CQC course was conducted between March 19 and March 28. There were three courses of instruction conducted, beginning with a phase 3 specialist course leading into a phase 2 advanced and phase 1 basic courses of instruction. The Todd group established in 1927 […]