Todd Group Thailand CQC course, December 2014

Todd Group Thailand CQC course, December 2014

The final exported course to our hub international country Thailand was again an excellent training experience.

Providing the unique opportunity to combine civilians and military personnel on the same course of instruction providing benefits to both groups.

Knowing how to deliberately decrease the physiological effects of hormonal dumping post training testing or after actions on encounters

While it is vital that the trained combatant knows how to employ psychological enhancement to increase objective achievement chances it is also very important that they know how to quickly reduce the post situation affects as a result of hormones being dumped into the bloodstream. Post encounter physiological return to normal status can take between […]

Combative footwear

I’ve been asked by a medical doctor to write an extensive article on practical footwear in relation to close quarters combat training. I will do this when time permits but for now will provide an insight into the importance of footwear in military self defence and close quarters combat training. The late Brigadier Mike Calvert […]

Titles mean little in self defence without primary proven capabilities, expertise, and intestinal fortitude

I have met tens of thousands of martial artists and fighters through my ownership of fight Times Magazine, and the former Australasian martial arts magazine and New Zealand martial arts magazine. I have personally attended many demonstrations as a guest and watched many highly graded individuals performing what they proclaimed to be practical self defence. […]

The term “survival” incorrectly used for military self defence and close quarters combat

While you survive in the great outdoors including against adversity you certainly don’t want to have a survivor mentality up against a formidable foe in an actions on combative encounter. Often I read the term survival specialist or the like included in civilian combative training providers titles and terminology. While these terms are mere words […]