European Military CQC

European Military Close Quarters Combat Trade Crafts Not Civilian Self-Defence

This article is based on and applies to European military CQC and European military self–defence. The Todd systems of European military close quarter’s combat and European military self- defence are military tradecraft practices that are roles specific.

Civilian Publications

I get a lot of questions about civilian publications, especially of yesteryear, on military unarmed combat. I have trained and instructor qualified under several World War II army CQC instructors and the following is based on my hands-on experience. Most of the publications include individual skills, often primary skills, but not the full instruction in […]

Annual Australasian CQC Course 2015

Brain to Boot psychological enhancement familiarisation exercises. The 2015 Todd group Australasian CQC course was conducted between March 19 and March 28. There were three courses of instruction conducted, beginning with a phase 3 specialist course leading into a phase 2 advanced and phase 1 basic courses of instruction. The Todd group established in 1927 […]

SpecForce Visit February 2015

  I always endeavour when contract duties or business takes me to cities nationally and internationally where we have Todd group depots, to drop in and meet the lads and lasses. I look forward every year when I am on courses in Auckland to visiting Johnny Adlington and his Auckland CQC depot at spec force […]

Knowing how to deliberately decrease the physiological effects of hormonal dumping post training testing or after actions on encounters

While it is vital that the trained combatant knows how to employ psychological enhancement to increase objective achievement chances it is also very important that they know how to quickly reduce the post situation affects as a result of hormones being dumped into the bloodstream. Post encounter physiological return to normal status can take between […]