First Responders' Tactical Training

First responders’ tactical clinical primary practices training

The Todd Group provide clinical tactical consultancy and training for hospital security, first responders, and forensic requirements.

Weapon redirecting for military self-defence CQC battlefield dagger disarming

In an evasive dagger disarming skill employment if the weapon holding hand has been seized and secured the following increases disarming chances and increases safety. Employing an opposing-forces grip of the weapon holding wrist joint and hand. The first grip should be an over hand grip to reduce the likelihood of your enemy breaking your […]

Close Protection Operators specialist course Thailand 15-28 October 2017

The Todd Group has just completed another annual close personal protection course in Thailand, our international hub country of over two decades. This report will follow Pete and Gaz through their two weeks of training and training exercises. The Todd Group have the oldest history as private specialist training providers of European military self-defence MSD […]

Military Battlefield Dagger Disarming Primary Tradecraft Practice

The above is but one military self-defence battlefield dagger disarming tradecraft primary practice The late Col Rex Applegate, a leading instructor to the OSS in WWII, gave me a set of tradecraft primary practices for battlefield dagger disarming that went like this: Option 1: If he has brought a knife to a gun battle, shoot […]


In response to many requests, the Todd Group will be providing self-minder specialist short courses starting 2018. Avoiding dangers, such as unattended baggage and reporting it, as well as tactics and skills to prevent being a victim of wide ranging criminal threats, including how to identify you are being targeted, will be included in these […]