Todd Group Thailand CQC course, December 2014

Todd Group Thailand CQC course, December 2014

The final exported course to our hub international country Thailand was again an excellent training experience.

Providing the unique opportunity to combine civilians and military personnel on the same course of instruction providing benefits to both groups.

The term “survival” incorrectly used for military self defence and close quarters combat

While you survive in the great outdoors including against adversity you certainly don’t want to have a survivor mentality up against a formidable foe in an actions on combative encounter. Often I read the term survival specialist or the like included in civilian combative training providers titles and terminology. While these terms are mere words […]

Todd Group 2015 Courses

The Todd Group are offering the following national and international training courses: 2015 Courses Dunedin, New Zealand – February – Todd Group HQ Dunedin residents first 2015 CQC intake. Course information. Apply Online Dunedin, New Zealand – March – Todd Group HQ Annual Australasian CQB/CQC intensive course of instruction. Course information. Poster. Apply Online. March […]

Proper and correct use of terms and titles

I get many enquiries in regards to instructors using military terms and titles that actually are not trained and qualified military combative instructors and the techniques being taught are far from military self defence or CQC primary practices that I am accustomed to. The techniques being instructed are what usually alert those that inquire as […]

The clenched fist palm heel strike and clenched fist hand edge strike.

Military CQC provides primary execution options in unarmed offensive assault skills combinations as well as secondary alternative or emergency options for specific situational employments. The primary variation of the palm heel strike and chin jab palm heel strike is executed with a flat hand configurations to protect delicate small fingers joints over having the fingers […]