Todd Group Training Zambia for the Guardians and Protectors of Endangered Wildlife

Todd Group Training Zambia for the Guardians and Protectors of Endangered Wildlife

The Todd Group has had considerable association with training protectors of wildlife anti-poaching personnel. This begun with operators making contact with Todd Group HQ and being referred to our UK depot for training initially.

Stamp kicks

Stamp kicks are just that and they are not slap, flick, chip or sweep kicks. Exponents that sacrifice destruction for speed of the kicking component or out of training laziness are dramatically reducing the effectiveness of the stamp kick action. Stamp kicks consist of the following components. Ready set to go  squatting expedient action set up, […]

How times and ways have changed

  This blog is about the notable differences between myself and my long-term assistant instructors and proponents of CQC from yesteryear and the majority of entry level exponents of today. Back in the 70s and 80s the number of highly committed exponents was considerably more than today. I know personally I worked multiple jobs including […]

Essential Timing

All combative armed and unarmed skills employments are reliant on as accurate timing as humanly possible. Accurate timing requires mental toughness and combative physical capabilities. Being honest with yourself in regards to your levels of intestinal fortitude inner-resolve battle fitness and CQC tactics and skills capabilities is a must to identify your personal CQC strengths and weakness […]

Todd Group CQC Courses

The Todd Group are offering the following national and international close quarters combat training courses: Clubs, businesses, corporate group self-defence, D-WAR (Declare War Against Rape anti and counter rape short courses), defensive tactics, tactical control and restraint, crowd control company courses. Enquiries: [email protected] For more information, visit the Todd Group website. The Todd Group provide military […]