Military Battlefield Dagger Disarming Primary Tradecraft Practice

The above is but one military self-defence battlefield dagger disarming tradecraft primary practice

The late Col Rex Applegate, a leading instructor to the OSS in WWII, gave me a set of tradecraft primary practices for battlefield dagger disarming that went like this:

Option 1: If he has brought a knife to a gun battle, shoot him.

Option 2: If you are not armed, look for, and use a long-hardened implement and combine its use with your military primary tradecraft evasive disarming, disabling, and disposing of the enemy threat.

Option 3: If you do not have access to a robust improvised dagger disarming implement, then you had better be confident and competent in your military self-defence battlefield dagger disarming and enemy threat neutralisation tradecraft skills.

In situations where, post evasion, the enemy weapon holding hand can be seized and secured, using terrain and environment provided solid surfaces to hard impact the weapon into to cause the dagger to slide back through the enemy’s weapon holding fingers is one such primary military self-defence battlefield tradecraft skill to force a quick release of the dagger.

Article written by Tank Todd

Special Operations CQB Master Chief Instructor. Over 30 years experience. The only instructor qualified descendent of Baldock, Nelson, and Applegate. Former instructors include Harry Baldock (unarmed combat instructor NZ Army WWII), Colonel Rex Applegate OSS WWII and Charles Nelson, US Marine Corps. Tank has passed his Special Forces combative instructor qualification course in Southeast Asia and is certified to instruct the Applegate, Baldock and Nelson systems. His school has been operating for over eighty years and he is currently an Army Special Operations Group CQB Master Chief Instructor. His lineage and qualifications from the evolutionary pioneers are equalled by no other military close combat instructor. His operation includes his New Zealand headquarters, and 30 depots worldwide as well as contracts to train the military elite, security forces, and close protection specialists. Annually he trains thousands of exponents and serious operators that travel down-under to learn from the direct descendant of the experts and pioneers of military close combat. Following in the footsteps of his former seniors, he has developed weapons, and training equipment exclusive to close combat and tactical applications. He has published military manuals and several civilian manuals and produced DVDs on urban self protection, tactical control and restraint, and close combat. He has racked up an impressive 100,000+ hours in close combat.