The importance of sudden aggressive shock overkill actions for CQC and MSD

Whether it be close quarters combat on the battlefield or military self-defence under battlefield or urban operators conditions, European military CQC/MSD sudden aggressive overkill shock action tradecraft practices provide the safest and best means of threat neutralisation.

Using covert or deceptive/distractive set up military CQC/MSD sudden aggressive shock action over kill threat neutralisation is a must in a kill or die military actions on encounter.

Skills must be employed from the primary range to neutralise the threat and employed with multiple destructive targeting of the selected human anatomy life-support targets or to one of the delicate human senses.

By fast mapping real time assessment under CQC actions on the highly trained CQC proponent on identifying the selected target is no longer available will identify another target that will provide the highest chances of objective achievement and destroy it without the loss of momentum.

The overkill European military CQC/MSD tradecraft take out mentality and modus operandi is the best of battle proven deadly/dirty tricks brigade means of the incapacitation or elimination of a formidable foe.

Hardcover guarding hard targeting capabilities must be maintained in actions on CQC/MSD.

While one arm is striking the other must be providing hard targeting hardcover guarding.

In stamp kicking executions hardcover guarding must be maintained throughout the stamp kicking employment to reduce risk to the lowest level humanly possible.

Initiating hardcover guard protected adjustments to best make ready to execute military CQC tradecraft relentless threat neutralisation primary practices will reduce or eliminate enemy capabilities to counter your unarmed offensive assault actions.

At worst it will enable you to reduce the effects of an enemy counter offensive assault and achieve your threat neutralisation objective.

The combatant must not deviate from their primary proven military CQC threat neutralisation tactics and skills under assault as to do so would identify an enemy that is being overwhelmed and losing confidence in the skills and mental toughness required to neutralise the threat. If the combatants primary practices are not working for them the chances of employing a skill that they have not mastered is more likely to add to their demise. The trained confident and competent combatant must be prepared to employ the required real time adjustments to enable relentless threat neutralisation actions and often by making the required adjustments and employing the same method of threat neutralisation the objective can be achieved over deviating from the decided method of objective achievement.

The best tools for effective threat neutralisation and maintained combatant safety are your primary proven tradecraft tools.

Article written by Todd Group

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