Evasive actions confidence and competence

Tactically flawed partial evasion of the kill zone

Correct primary evasion clearing the kill zone when the enemy is fully committed

The military CQC trained combatant must have high level competency and confidence to enable effective unarmed enemy evasion.

This requires the individual combatant to understand the required trade craft undertakings of unarmed evasive counter offensive assault.

Post making the D to employ unarmed evasive counter offensive assault setting or maintaining range is a most important repertory requirement.

When the enemy is fully committed to their assault and beyond the point of immediate change of tact squat crouching to interfere with their visual and mental focus will cause an enemy autonomic reaction that will provide you an evasive edge.

Your squat crouch will include head dipping visual focus changing that will increase your evasive direction decision-making capability.

In a single expedient evasive action your lead and trail leg will simultaneously clear the confrontation point.

Continue fast mapping assessment post evasion to identify required adjustments and available exposed targets will ensure you are able to make adjustments and execute your unarmed counter offensive assault threat neutralisation.

An indicator of someone that is not confident or competent under evasive counter offensive assault is when they move one boot in a part evasive action.

This clearly identifies they have not confidently made the D as to the primary evasive direction or they are unsure of themselves and are trying to keep their options open, which will only increase the duration of their evasion and expose them to increased risk.

In military CQC the primary Orthodox direction of evasion is diagonally forward and away from the incoming travel of the unarmed assault threatening limb and the unorthodox evasion evasive direction is towards the incoming unarmed assault threatening limb. Unorthodox evasion is made possible through precise evasive timing.

Timing the evasive expedient action from the squat crouch ready set go position combined with timing the execution of the evasive action when the enemy is fully committed and beyond the point of no return enables effective clearing of the kill zone.

Military CQC unarmed offensive assault and unarmed counter offensive assault actions incorporate s contingencies to increase the chances of continuation fast safe threat neutralisation if required.

The individual combatant’s mental toughness to maintain a ready and willing status combined with skills competency will enable unarmed evasive counter offensive assault threat neutralisation by either orthodox or unorthodox means.

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