CQC/MSD South Africa October 2016

Military CQC (Close Quarters Combat) MSD (Military Self-Defence) DT (Defensive Tactics) South Africa 2016.

The Todd Group have established regular training provision in Africa for CQC proponents and Rangers and Law-enforcement over recent years.

Having a military CQC connection with the late Captain Ben Mangels a former instructor to the South African military and police through Ben and I instructing together and Ben being the International Close combat Instructors association President and myself being the director of overseas affairs was my first connection with South African unarmed combat training.

Later when I got requests from South African citizens and anti and counter poaching organisations for training I spoke with Ben about establishing European Military CQC/MSD training in South Africa. He endorsed the introduction of the Todd Group in South Africa as he said he had not had any instructing involvement with the South African unarmed combat institute he established in South Africa in many years since immigrating to the United States.

This combined with Kobus Hussimen the former South African heavy weight kick boxing champion and a former Parabat traveling down under to NZ to Todd group HQ to train and test followed by a request from Keith Roberts for training as he worked in wild life protection and anti-poaching led to the establishment of the Todd Group training provision in South Africa.

I arranged for Keith to train from Ron Evans the Todd Group Chief in the UK and later Ron along with Ken Ostereich the Todd Group Germany chief instructor went to Africa to deliver training on my behalf.

Since 2009 Todd Group instructors have been conducting courses in South Africa and other African countries including a course in Zambia for wildlife anti-poaching and anti-trafficking personnel.

We attract serious proponents looking for the most current Military CQC and MSD training instructed by a current Military Mlite forces Master Chief Instructor.

Leo Prinsloo a phase 2 advanced CQC proponent instructs the armed combat CQB on courses for operators.

Leo served 17 years in the South African Police Service, twelve of these years were spent in the SAPS Special task force counter terrorism unit. This is a counter terrorism unit. Leo served in this unit not only as an operator but also as an elite marksman (sniper).

The most recent course was a full muster course made up of a group of African Parks Rangers and law-enforcement pers and Todd Group exponents.

The course included Phase 1, 2 and 3 modules to meet the operators duty required needs.

0600 starts with the CQC MSD DT training and shooting from 1400 hrs was the order of the days.

All training conducted out doors in the heat and dust is fitting for military CQC MSD training and provides environmental realism.

The exponents on course committed to self-improvement and put in a good 7 Days training.

This course enabled the delivery of wide ranging skills sets and an assessment of the pers levels of competency on the final day of the course.

The team from African Parks along with the non-African Parks exponents on course trained well together and achieved competency in wide ranging skills sets by day 7.

Phase 1 CQC has complete commonality with phase 2 advanced and phase 3 specialist skills ensuring that once phase 1 basic principles has been delivered and competency achieved the delivery of advanced and specialist skills training takes less time to instruct and achieve competency in.

Phase 1 provides all the basic principles and foundations required for MSD and CQC as well as DT and CQB.

Todd Systems European military CQC having complete commonality enables cohesion in combining skills from all phases and as such provides maximum safety and the capability to maintain cohesive momentum.

Once the phase 1 package has been undertaken many of the phase 3 skills can be learnt in considerably lesser time as they not only have complete commonality but also because they are threat and objective achievement skills that are single primary options to achieve specific objectives.

Some are individual skills others are based on a single principle means of objective achievement.

This course included all the phase 1 CQC and MSD skills combined with detainee handling, weapon retention, carried non-ballistic weapons and tools as well as terrain provided objects that can be utilised as improvised weapons.

Baton training multiple unarmed and armed aggressors and ground combat were also instructed course subjects.

The Brain to Boot mental toughness enhancement primary principles were outlined on course along with the medical aspects of CQC.

The shooting included pistol rifle and shotgun giving the attendees a truly wide ranging training experience in armed tactics and skills as well as all the military unarmed combat and military self-defence skills.

The South African courses attract those that are looking for military unarmed combat more than hybridised martial arts as the late Captain Ben Mangels would say.

They all must accept the challenge of training being assessed or tested the military combative way as there is no other way than fronting up stepping up and being committed to self-improvement hands on to achieve in military unarmed combat.

Already courses for 2017 the 90th anniversary of the Todd Group formerly the Baldock institute are being planned for South Africa and other African countries.

Courses will be posted on the Todd Group website in due course www.toddgroup.com

The Todd Group are not only specialist combative training providers but are also consultants and weapons and training equipment developers.

We publish training manuals and produce training DVDs and provide full support for all the services and individuals we train.

There is no other military CQC MSD training providers anywhere that can provide the same training systems tactics and skills we provide and there is no training providers with our history and military combative instructor-lineage.

Our specialist provided training and longest history as a private specialist military CQC training provider and current military training provision status is what attracts committed serious exponents and organisations wanting the best training possible for their personnel.

They know that to proclaim instruction of military unarmed combat you must be military unarmed combat qualified and be a military unarmed combat instructor.

The Todd Group set the highest combative standards and continuously strives for CQC excellence to ensure our pers get the best of skills and instruction.

We have major plans for the expansion of training provision in Africa and invite those interested in military CQC MSD DT and CPP to inquire/apply for upcoming courses.

It is the combat that matters over the art for the Todd Group.

Thank you to Leo Prinsloo for his support and assistance with conducting the course out of his SWAT facility Centurion. http://www.swatshooting.co.za/

Article written by Tank Todd

Special Operations CQB Master Chief Instructor. Over 30 years experience. The only instructor qualified descendent of Baldock, Nelson, and Applegate. Former instructors include Harry Baldock (unarmed combat instructor NZ Army WWII), Colonel Rex Applegate OSS WWII and Charles Nelson, US Marine Corps. Tank has passed his Special Forces combative instructor qualification course in Southeast Asia and is certified to instruct the Applegate, Baldock and Nelson systems. His school has been operating for over eighty years and he is currently an Army Special Operations Group CQB Master Chief Instructor. His lineage and qualifications from the evolutionary pioneers are equalled by no other military close combat instructor. His operation includes his New Zealand headquarters, and 30 depots worldwide as well as contracts to train the military elite, security forces, and close protection specialists. Annually he trains thousands of exponents and serious operators that travel down-under to learn from the direct descendant of the experts and pioneers of military close combat. Following in the footsteps of his former seniors, he has developed weapons, and training equipment exclusive to close combat and tactical applications. He has published military manuals and several civilian manuals and produced DVDs on urban self protection, tactical control and restraint, and close combat. He has racked up an impressive 100,000+ hours in close combat.