Close Quarters Combat Course Taiwan 2017

European Close Quarters Combat (CQC) and Military Self-defence (MSD) Short Introductory Course

The Todd Group are the oldest training providers of European close quarters combat (CQC) and military self-defence (MSD), having a 90-year history of training provision to the military, law enforcement, and responsible civilians. You will not find our military combative programs training available to civilians anywhere but from the Todd Group.

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European Military CQC/MSD is not a martial art, fighting art, or combat sport. It is the best of battle-proven dirty tricks brigade tactics and skills to give you the best combative chance to defeat a violent aggressor. European military CQC/MSD is for men and woman who want to learn the best of battle proven military self-defence and unarmed combat but do not want to compete in fight sports or learn anything but the best of military battle proven self-defence.

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Mental toughness is more important than physicality and athleticism and, as such, gives the underdog the best chance of defeating a formidable foe. There are no rules, gender categories, or weight divisions in military self-defence and military close quarters combat, just like in defending yourself against urban violence.

If you are a practical realist, want to learn the best of Todd Systems military battle-proven self-defence and unarmed combat and you are a responsible citizen and committed to up skilling in the best of battle-proven means of self-protection, we invite you to apply for this first such course in Taiwan.

Easy to learn, high primary skills retention through being the simplest of safe and effective means of threat neutralisation based on commonality and cohesion of same systems principles, tactics, and skills.

Be trained by a current military elite forces CQC/MSD Master-Chief Instructor establishing our footprint in Taiwan.

Close Quarters Combat and Military Self-defence Course Taiwan

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Article written by Todd Group

The Todd Group, established by the late Harry Baldock, have been providing CQC, CQB, unarmed combat, defensive tactics, and self protection training since 1927.

They are instructors and consultants to military, police, close protection, corrections, security, and civilians.

The Todd Group has over 35 training depots nationally and internationally.