The 2014 Todd Group Exported Close Quarters Combat Course to South Africa

This excellent combative course was conducted at the SWAT range our South African HQ facility for Todd systems CQB/CQC training.

Leo Prinsloo the owner and chief instructor of the Edge shooting Academy at the SWAT range is a phase 2 advanced the Todd systems CQC proponent and is the CQC resident instructor for South Africa.

The facility is at Centurian near Pretoria and as well as providing combative and self defence training also provides wide ranging professional tuition in firearms safe usage and tactical shooting.

Leo (HK) Prinsloo served 17 years in the South African Police Service. Twelve of these years were spend in the SAPS Special task force unit. This is a counter terrorism unit.

Mr. Prinsloo served this unit not only as an operator but also as an elite marksman (sniper).

In the words of Leo, Hand to hand combat in today’s environment is a must, you may find yourself away from your firearm or a knife, or the attacker may just surprise you, in a situation like this you have to be ready and trained to fight for your life.

Even with a firearm in hand, there may come a time when restraining an individual may require force, The Edge will teach you all the skills needed in a knife, hand and gun fight.

Leo has always strived for maximum excellence in tactics skills and training and this demeanour fits well with the Todd Group’s ethos of setting and maintaining the highest combative standards possible.










The Edge shooting academy SWAT range email address for armed and unarmed combat training.

Just some of the specialist services Leo can provide.

Firearms competency.

SWAT Firearms training

Advanced Firearms training.

Tactical Firearms training.

Sniper training.

Todd Group upcoming exported courses. and

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Having a permanent facility for both armed and unarmed combat in South Africa with such a highly trained and qualified instructor as Leo in charge will certainly ensure continuation training for current exponents and entry-level basic combative training for new exponents.

The SWAT facility is perfectly suited to both armed and unarmed combat training with its considerable outdoor wide ranging and varied training environments.

The Todd Group moved into South Africa with the endorsement of Captain Ben Mängels a former South African military officer and police officer who provided military unarmed combat training and police, defensive tactics training prior to moving to the United States around 30 years ago.

Kobus Huisamen a former South African heavy weight kick boxing champion who served in the parachute battalion was the first South African exponent to successfully phase test when he travelled down under to New Zealand where he underwent intensive phase 1 and phase 2 courses of instruction immediately followed by successfully phase 1 and phase 2 testing back in 2005.

In 2011 former South African soldier Keith Roberts and his fellow anti-poaching operative Andre Badenhorst attended a Todd Group exported course to the Royal Thai special forces camp A 03 where they successfully passed their phase 1 test.

This led to the decision to establish a footprint by exporting a course to South Africa in 2013, when Leo and another very willing and able candidate in Trevor Langeveld passed their phase 1 test.

The reality of the Todd Group training and testing regime is that candidates must surpass the required phase test standards and as such it is a challenging and demanding undertaking.

This sets and maintains the combative standards which is the ethos of the Todd Group and ensures our headquarters and global depot’s exponents and instructors are serious committed individuals that are prepared to accept the demanding combative challenge that phase testing provides.

The Todd Group believes in the importance of small specialist group intensive training where candidates proves themselves one exponent at a time.

One such willing committed individual is worth masses of those that do not possess the smarts and intestinal fortitude to be the best combatant they can be.

This ethos has seen the Todd Group formerly the Baldock institute have the longest history of European Military private training provision in the world dating back to Harry Baldock and our establishment of combative training provision in 1927.

Serious committed exponents want to be trained by military long term training providers and want proven tactics and skills.

They also expect training and testing to be challenging and would not stay if it was not.

The 2014 course consisted of a full muster phase 1 course of instruction and a phase 2 advanced course for Leo Keith and Andre who have previously passed their phase 1 testing and achieved promotion to phase 2 advanced training.

The course attracted police military security and anti-poaching Pers who all participated on course with commitment to self-improvement.

Interestingly, there is considerable interest in the tactics and skills of the World War II pioneers in Fairburn Sykes and Applegate from combative enthusiasts throughout South Africa and the continent.

The Todd Group is the only provider, with instructor lineage and qualification from several of the military pioneer instructors from World War II including Applegate, Nelson and Baldock.

This direct link to evolutionary pioneers of military CQB/CQC is of major interest to committed combative enthusiasts wanting to learn not only the skills and tactics that have stood the test of time, but also the most current regular force and special operations force skills that the Todd Group provide training in to the military.

The Todd Groups status as the oldest private specialist training provider globally of European military armed and unarm combat with a history and lineage unequalled and this fits well with South African serious combative enthusiasts seeking such training.

The course provided additional modules and short courses including an introduction to the D-WAR anti and counter rape program as well as the most current Todd systems defensive tactics tactical control and restraint training. Combined phases received an introduction to the soon to be released brain to boot psychological conditioning package for military close quarters combat and military self defence.

The phase 1 and phase 2 course of instruction were conducted simultaneously in separate training areas and both groups worked with quiet confidence throughout the courses of instruction.

Comments from the exponents on course included how different and complete the Todd systems of military CQC were to anything they had seen before.

They found the course of instruction intensive and extensive in content and the required and expected exponent standards extremely high.

The intensity increased with proficiency and while some exponents may not have been ready to test on this occasion or did not achieve the required standards, they could clearly see the reasoning and the requirements to successfully phase test.

They must surpass the required phase 1 levels and know the skills by title and be able to execute them with proficiency on command.

The phase 1 and two course of instruction combined for the toughener and sickener phases of combat milling and coming back from the dead as well as the military combative drills technique to command.

The week went very quickly and the dry heat as well as the increased intensity affected exponents in a fitting and beneficial manner relevant to real actions on military close quarters combat realities.

The lunchtime Braai gave everyone the chance to rest the aches and pains and refuel before getting back to basics.

The SWAT facility with constant gunfire and two courses of unarmed combat was a hive of activity that encouraged striving for self-improvement and getting back to the best of battle proven basics of unarmed combat practised where it is best undertaken in the outdoors.


The phase 2 course working towards completing the mandatory 400 hours required prior to phase 2 testing worked diligently at learning the basic individual skills and then combining them with the phase 1 unarmed offensive assault, unarmed counter offensive assault and military self defence primary secondary alternative and emergency skills options.

Day seven was the phase 1 test and 2 of the 6 candidates that volunteered to undertake the very demanding and self-revealing phase 1 test were successful.


This brings the total of South African candidates to pass the phase 1 test to 7 and with the interest growing from throughout the continent the future is looking most promising for the growth of the Todd Group throughout the continent.

We have two courses confirmed already for 2015.

The first course to be conducted in Zambia is planned from June 29 until July 5 2015 and the annual South African course at the SWAT facility running from the September 7 until September 13 2015.

The South African annual September course 2015 will include late afternoon early evening tactical shooting training after the full day of unarmed combat training for exponents on course that are interested in tactical shooting.

The shooting will be in relation to the individual exponent’s current proficiency and their rank and phase of training.

Since starting conducting courses in South Africa in 2013 the Todd Group has truly increased our footprint by considerable and with genuine interest from committed individuals and now groups seeking our specialist combative training we are progressing in a fitting manner proving and promoting one exponent at a time.

The 2015 courses will soon be posted on where you will find the course joining instructions and information as well as the course promotional poster.

There will be an online application facility also available from the above website.

Early applications are essential for the basic entry-level and continuation training Phase 1 course of instruction.

Will also be conducting a phase 2 advanced course of instruction on the annual South Africa course.

Todd Group headquarters and global depots exponents and instructors will be invited to attend and hopefully we will have phase 3 instructors in attendance as assistant instructors on the annual course in South Africa 2015.

The positive feedback post course further proves our decision to expand our training provision in Africa was the right decision. The number of skilled military, police and security operators as well as anti-poaching pers and committed civilians proves we are attracting fitting exponents. We are looking forward to training testing qualifying some very willing and worthy proponents in the near future.

If you want to be the best combatant you personally can be ready willing able then arm yourself with the best of battle proven and most current tactics and skills of the Todd Group and SWAT, Edge shooting Academy.

South Africa training inquiries Leo Prinsloo. [email protected]

Other training locations.

Africa Keith Roberts. [email protected]

Andre Badenhorst [email protected]

Todd Group HQ [email protected]


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