Thailand Final CQC Course 2017

Thailand Final CQC Course 2017

Todd Group exported courses are about providing the opportunity for interested individuals to undergo Todd Systems European military close quarters combat (CQC) and military self-defence (MSD) training on a week-long course of instruction.

Lines of travel and follow-up with European military CQC/unarmed combat, unarmed offensive assault actions

Military unarmed combat ranges as well as methods and means of striking and stamp kicking employments are based on the military science of close quarters combat. The reasoning is to increase the chances of enemy incapacitation or elimination by sudden surprise action deliberate military battle proven methods. Fast mapping assessment under actions on close quarter […]

Evasive actions confidence and competence

Tactically flawed partial evasion of the kill zone Correct primary evasion clearing the kill zone when the enemy is fully committed The military CQC trained combatant must have high level competency and confidence to enable effective unarmed enemy evasion. This requires the individual combatant to understand the required trade craft undertakings of unarmed evasive counter […]

Contract Enforcement and Intellectual Property Protection

The late Johnny Burt and myself The late Johnny Burt trained for decades in military unarmed combat and military self-defence in Todd/Baldock and Bolton systems. He had a huge heart knew the true meaning of loyalty with honour and had a love of the law. Johnny would give you the shirt off his back but […]

Never take your eyes off the enemy

Todd Systems European military close quarters combat advocate hard cover guarding and cover guarding deflection of strikes and countering a kick with a stamp kick for military self-defence and military CQC. Blocking skills are not primary options in Todd Systems military unarmed combat simply because of leaving gaps in your bodily protection with extended extremities […]