First Responders' Tactical Training

First responders’ tactical clinical primary practices training

The Todd Group provide clinical tactical consultancy and training for hospital security, first responders, and forensic requirements.

Wrestling for children’s self-protection and self-confidence

Often, parents look for training for their young, primary school age children to make them safer or grow in confidence as a result of being bullied. While the physical threats may not be life-threatening to children of primary school age from other primary school children, the effects of being bullied can cause distress, anxiety, and […]

Mrs Phyllis (Pippa) Latour Doyle (MBE)

Mrs Phyllis (Pippa) Latour Doyle (MBE)

Pippa has been awarded the Croix de Guerre avec Palme by the French on the 16th January 1946 and the Member of the British Empire (MBE Military) on the 4th September 1954 (London Gazette 37250), French Legion of Honour 2014 for services to France in WWII. In her twilight years, just recently Pippa was recognised […]

Close Quarters Combat Course Taiwan 2017

European Close Quarters Combat (CQC) and Military Self-defence (MSD) Short Introductory Course The Todd Group are the oldest training providers of European close quarters combat (CQC) and military self-defence (MSD), having a 90-year history of training provision to the military, law enforcement, and responsible civilians. You will not find our military combative programs training available […]