Thailand Combined Military Pers and Civilian Exponents Military Self-defence and CQC course April 2017

The course was made up of phase 1 basic, phase 2 advanced and phase 3 specialist courses of instruction being conducted simultaneously.

Germany Annual Week-long Intensive CQC/MSD Course of Instruction 2017

Phase 3 Bayonet disarming. Germany has become the Todd Group’s European primary country for the conducting of Todd Systems CQC/MSD course of instruction. Ken Oesterreich, the Todd Group Germany chief instructor, was the course manager and coordinator for the Leipzig course. The May 6th to 11th CQC/MSD course was conducted in Leipzig and it ran […]

Loyalty Without Honour

Recently, at the 90th Anniversary Reunion of the Todd Group, my close friend and VIP guest Larry Jordan, a retired US S/F SMG and chief hand-to-hand combat instructor discussed how loyalty must come hand-in-hand with honour. Loyalty without honour clearly shows a lack of integrity. It cannot be that individuals do not understand that military CQC […]

CQC Milestone

CQC Milestone of Major Significance 1927-2017

The Todd Group, formerly the Baldock Institute, will celebrate our 90th anniversary reunion on 25 March 2017 at our camp near Dunedin Airport, New Zealand.