First Responders' Tactical Training

First responders’ tactical clinical primary practices training

The Todd Group provide clinical tactical consultancy and training for hospital security, first responders, and forensic requirements.


In response to many requests, the Todd Group will be providing self-minder specialist short courses starting 2018. Avoiding dangers, such as unattended baggage and reporting it, as well as tactics and skills to prevent being a victim of wide ranging criminal threats, including how to identify you are being targeted, will be included in these […]

Overkill CQC mentality for the battlefield

Continuous enemy eye gouging to interfere with enemy combative capability In any situation under threat or assault up against a formidable aggressor when offensive combat actions or counteroffensive actions are the best means of threat neutralisation the following military CQC/MSD principles apply. Make range, ruthless controlled aggressive continuous target destruction, and high level mental toughness […]

The dangers of those both sane and insane with bad intentions

Those that know how to be brutally effective in street fighting or on the battlefield in do-or-die situations do so by being mentally committed and driven in the objective of using ruthlessly controlled simple gross motor skills violence to neutralise their adversary in the quickest and most brutal manner possible. They choose such methods because […]