National and International CQC Circuit April-June 2014

National and International CQC Circuit April-June 2014

The Todd Group exported courses of instruction continue to achieve full musters, with exponents and instructors on course who are committed combatants.

Eyes on and open – combative visual focus

Maintaining visual focus is testament to the individual combatant’s confidence and competency in their combative capabilities. The reality is when you cannot see your foe and the incoming threat you are disadvantaged in relation to contact avoidance, cover guarding against contact or deflecting straight-line or uppercut lines of contact. Turning away from a threat or […]

Military CQB/CQC and Military Self Defence living packages

One of the most important aspects and advantages in relation to military close quarters combat, close quarters battle and military self defence is the fact that  it is when required it is evaluated and kept current. When I developed  the Todd systems based on my training and qualifying  from the late Harry Baldock, the late Col […]

Seek out the best and most proven self-defence training for your self-protection

When looking for a specific skill set, it is important that you seek out the best source of specific skills training and the most highly qualified competent instructors. Just joining the closest club or the one that is affordable is a negative when it comes to your personal safety in regards to self-protection. You should […]

Australian Annual CQB/CQC Course 2014

This will be the last annual course to be conducted in Australia for the foreseen future. From 2015 Australian and New Zealand instructors and exponents will combine for an Australasian course of instruction conducted at Camp Todd with training also being conducted at the Todd Group HQ. The numbers of New Zealand and Australian Todd […]