Close Personal Protection Exported Course to Thailand 2014

Close Personal Protection Exported Course to Thailand 2014

The Todd Group have been conducting close personal protection courses for decades. This expertise dates back to Harry Baldock when he was Sgt major and chief instructor of the CQB/CQC in the New Zealand Army in WWII.

Todd Group 2014/15 Courses

The Todd Group are offering the following national and international training courses: 2014 Courses Manila (Parañaque City), Philippines – November 8th to 13th – Exported CQC course. Course information. Poster. Apply Online. Malaysia – November 17th to 22nd 2014- Exported exported CQC course.Course information. Poster. Apply Online. Thailand – December 1st to 6th – Exported CQC course including Amphib CQB training. Course information. Poster. Apply Online. 2015 […]

The human factors that differentiate between those that are mentally and physically proven and those that are not

The following blog is in regards to Military CQC and Military Self-Defence instructors and instruction to the civilian sector. It never ceases to amaze me how so many people will settle for soft options, even if it compromises theirs and others safety. So many individuals that pass themselves off as authorities and instructors of substance […]

The 2014 Todd Group Exported Close Quarters Combat Course to South Africa

This excellent combative course was conducted at the SWAT range our South African HQ facility for Todd systems CQB/CQC training. Leo Prinsloo the owner and chief instructor of the Edge shooting Academy at the SWAT range is a phase 2 advanced the Todd systems CQC proponent and is the CQC resident instructor for South Africa. […]

Combative Smarts and Etiquette

It never ceases to amaze me those that consider themselves authorities on military close combat that have never volunteered trained tested and qualified on a military combative course of instruction, hardly committed and no conviction to achievement advancement and expertise. Even more amazing is that many of these dubious intentioned individuals are self promoted instructors of military CQC […]

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