Close Personal Protection Exported Course to Thailand 2014

Close Personal Protection Exported Course to Thailand 2014

The Todd Group have been conducting close personal protection courses for decades. This expertise dates back to Harry Baldock when he was Sgt major and chief instructor of the CQB/CQC in the New Zealand Army in WWII.

The 2014 Todd Group Exported Close Quarters Combat Course to South Africa

This excellent combative course was conducted at the SWAT range our South African HQ facility for Todd systems CQB/CQC training. Leo Prinsloo the owner and chief instructor of the Edge shooting Academy at the SWAT range is a phase 2 advanced the Todd systems CQC proponent and is the CQC resident instructor for South Africa. […]

Combative Smarts and Etiquette

It never ceases to amaze me those that consider themselves authorities on military close combat that have never volunteered trained tested and qualified on a military combative course of instruction, hardly committed and no conviction to achievement advancement and expertise. Even more amazing is that many of these dubious intentioned individuals are self promoted instructors of military CQC […]

Eyes on and open – combative visual focus

Maintaining visual focus is testament to the individual combatant’s confidence and competency in their combative capabilities. The reality is when you cannot see your foe and the incoming threat you are disadvantaged in relation to contact avoidance, cover guarding against contact or deflecting straight-line or uppercut lines of contact. Turning away from a threat or […]

Military CQB/CQC and Military Self Defence living packages

One of the most important aspects and advantages in relation to military close quarters combat, close quarters battle and military self defence is the fact that  it is when required it is evaluated and kept current. When I developed  the Todd systems based on my training and qualifying  from the late Harry Baldock, the late Col […]