National and International CQC Circuit April-June 2014

National and International CQC Circuit April-June 2014

The Todd Group exported courses of instruction continue to achieve full musters, with exponents and instructors on course who are committed combatants.

Todd Group 2014/15 Courses

The Todd Group are offering the following national and international training courses: 2014 Courses Dunedin, New Zealand - August – Todd Group HQ Final 2014 CQC intake.Course information. Poster. Apply Online. South Africa - September 7th to 13 – Exported CQC course.Course information. Poster. Apply Online. Thailand - September 21st to October 1st – Exported CPP course. Course information. Poster. Apply Online. Manila, Philippines - November […]

Todd Group Short Courses, Queenstown, July 2014

The Todd Group is the oldest global training provider of its kind being established in 1927 with a headquarters in Dunedin and training camp at Berwick. The Todd Group also comprises of national and international Todd Group depots and our international hub country is Thailand where we conduct combative, self-protection and close personal protection courses. […]

Pivot Slide Swivel Combative Footwork Capabilities

In military close quarters combat and close quarters battle pivoting sliding and swiveling in footwork stance and directional changes as well as impact contact enhancement are vitally important. The pivot is a means of foot work where sound ground contact and stability are maintained while directional changes can be made including utilising target orientation and […]

Christchurch short course CQB/CQC training 5-6 July 2014

The headquarters conducted weekend training July 5 and 6 achieve the objectives of working on performance enhancement in phase 1 and attending exponents chosen modules and phase 2 and 3. Focusing on proponents requested areas concentrated training change the feel of the usual method of progressive combative training conducted at the headquarters and depots. Having […]